Load or unload your Mobile Storage Unit with our moving Help

Mobile Storage Units are Perfect for Moving

 Whether you're moving down the street or across state lines, let On the Move Mobile Storage help! We'll drop off an empty self storage container for you to pack at your own pace. Then, schedule your move.  If you need help, we have movers available to load and unload your mobile storage unit.  We'll move your mobile storage unit to the new house, where you can unpack it on your own schedule. We'll come back to pick up the empty mobile storage unit - and you're done!

Full Moving Service (3 hours minimum)

On The Move Mobile Storage, LLC. and Moving

$140.00 per hour for 3 movers and a truck. We take care of your entire move. 

Helpers only to load. If you require our loading services we will connect you with our helpers after you book your mobile storage unit. 

Aaron's Moving Service 

Will quote job**

Herbert Movers (3 hours minimum)

3 movers, $100.00 per hour


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We service all of Massachusetts, the Greater Boston area, Central MA, Cape Cod and the Islands and Southern New Hampshire. We deliver up to 200 miles from your location.